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Latest News

Fri Mar 31 12:03:27 CST 2006

Continuing to update the look of the site. I just bought another (!) domain name. I already have WAY too many domain names, but I saw 'simtoon.com' and decided, what the heck. I am now modifying the existing code to use configuration variables instead of hardcoded site-specific strings. To test these changes, I have created www.simtoon.com and also www.chatlands.com. Both of these sites use identical code except for the config.php file and some specific images (such as the site logo, etc). At some point I want to have a single source directory for the PHP code, but right now when I make a change (for example to this "news.php" file), I then have to copy the changed file over to the other site directory.

Wed Mar 29 22:22:41 CST 2006

The site is undergoing a major design overhaul. I am pretty sure this will work out ok, but I am a bit unhappy with the logos at the top of each page. They are transparent GIFs and they appear a bit ragged. I am told they look fine. I guess it's probably better to focus on the actual chat client and server functionality.

[ 23:14: P.S. I did end up reworking the logos and I think they look better now. ]

Wed Mar 29 02:28:18 CST 2006

Worked quite a bit trying to figure out how to make this site look a bit more professional. I think I know how to code pretty well, but I am not very strong in page design. Ah well. Maybe it will get better as I struggle with it..

Mon Mar 27 09:12:49 CST 2006

Added a screenshots page, made sweeping changes to the character customizer so that it now handles different articles of clothing (when they are available). Changed how some of the room objects are placed. Oh, added picture frames and bookshelves as objects. What else.. hmm..

Sat Mar 25 13:27:32 CST 2006

I have started working on getting this chat and/or game thing out the door again! I am not going to take the time now to try to log what I am doing because I worry that effort will steal from other battles.. but perhaps I can get someone else (Salvo? Luke? Jodie?) to help me fill in the blanks..

See ya online soon,

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